I’ve been in several bully events, actually i was the one getting bullied all the time at school. every single day i would allways be afraid of going to school because of bullies. i was called with many horrible and horrifiying names at school and that allways hurt me time by time.ive been pushed around […]

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Gods greatness

I am from a poor hard living family where i cant get any of my needs. my dad recently died 7 years ago and i had to live with my 3 siblings and. its was hard for my mom to setisfy us with our wants all the time, she struggled while taking care of us, […]

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I allways dream of being a multi-million and a proffessional actor. i dreamt of being an actor at an age of 7 as acting was my proffession, intrest and potential through all faith and believe i allways thought i can archieve anything in life. i kept on dreaming and as they say “dreams come true” […]

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Allways put your loved ones first and put your friends at last. love those who love you and you will be filled with joy, never rebuke those who are allways by your side and those who will never leave you #family.

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Life of a millionair kid!!

Being a millionair is one of the most greatest things a person could ever imagine. being a millionair is all about how you want to spend your money, on what u want to spend it on. this is a dream i shell never forget living my own fairy tail. KEEP DREAMING SO YOU CAN DRIVE […]

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True love never fails!!

I’m a guy who has been in many relationships becouse of fake love. i allways thought i could never find piece and love praying day by day asking jesus to bless me with an angel. then i met this wonderfull,beautifull,kind and loving girl called queen. as soon as i fell in love with her i could […]

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Best network!!

Looking for a best network? switch to MTN. MTN offers the best services and affordable mobile data plans. ive switched to MTN 6 years ago and ive never been this happy before , they offer the best customer care and they help you immediatly. I advise all ‘VIEWERS’ users to switch to MTN.

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